Day Spa

As an external guest without an overnight stay in a hotel you are also very welcome.

Opening hours for Day Spa guests

Monday to Thursday 10am-8pm

Friday 10-16 h

Sunday 14-20 h

Advance booking is required, please contact us:

+41 566 76 68 72   Give away a spa voucher

Seerose Resort and Spa Meisterschwanden_SPA_pool_

Day Spa Light

Enjoying from CHF 98

relax and get to know

Seerose Resort and Spa Meisterschwanden_SPA_behandlungen_

Day Spa

Enjoying from CHF 235

plunge into Lake Hallwil

Seerose Resort and Spa Meisterschwanden_SPA_wellness_

Thai Sunday

Enjoying from CHF 168

Day Spa & culinary delights